SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Great Plains Zoo (GPZ) released one of their otterly-cute, young creatures today.

Earlier this year, a pup otter was found in a downtown Sioux Falls warehouse. It was feared that he was injured and he was brought to the GPZ where he was placed through their wildlife rehab program. At the zoo, he had a complete physical consisting of a medical exam, bloodwork and x-rays to assure his health was okay.

An otter is treated at the GPZ wildlife rehab program. Photo courtesy: Great Plains Zoo

The GPZ Veterinary team fed milk to him in the beginning and slowly graduated his diet to solid foods. The otter eventually began swimming and hunting minnows on his own, proving he could be self-sustaining into the wild.

Working closely with SD Game, Fish & Parks, GPZ selected a release site along the river and the otter whiskered away.

The GPZ, GF&P and Animal Control reminds people if you are concerned about injured or orphaned wildlife to contact them and they will make arrangements with a local rehab facility.