(NEXSTAR) — If you’re one of the roughly 35,000 people who moved to South Dakota last year, you may not be very well versed in the Sioux Falls skyline.

There is one building you should certainly get to know: the Centurylink Tower.

Located on the corner of South Dakota Avenue and W. 10th Street, the Centurylink Tower stands as the tallest building in the state. Spanning 174 feet into the air, the building features 11 stories and is home to (you guessed it) CenturyLink.

While it’s the tallest building in South Dakota, the Centurylink Tower is the second-shortest of the nation’s tallest. Vermont is the only state with a shorter tallest building.

South Dakota nearly had an even taller building, though.

In 2014, the Village on the River project was proposed. It would bring a parking ramp with multi-use potential to the heart of Sioux Falls. However, it wouldn’t exactly come to fruition: the city ultimately terminated the agreement with developers in 2019, ending the Village on the River project.

The originally planned parking structure was, in fact, built at 140 E. 10th Street. Late last year, the city began accepting proposals from developers for the site. The city is still “seeking interest in developing this site,” according to its website.