SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – A Sioux Falls man was gifted a new electric bike today by strangers after he was involved in a bike crash yesterday morning. Brandon Fey found Gavin Ernst and another bicyclist on the road and hurt following a bike collision.

Fey was on his way to work when he noticed something unusual.

“So got out, assess the situation. See if everything’s alright. The one guy was pretty banged up. Big scratch on his head and bleeding pretty good. And his bike that he had was basically snapped in half,” said Fey, who works for the Sioux Falls Fire Department.

Ernst says the accident happened fast.
“Everything just went black. And all of a sudden I get up and there’s a guy with a truck. And he just picks my bike up and just puts it in the back of his truck. He sees that I’m pretty hysterical about the bike. I was really upset and I didn’t know what to do,” Gavin Ernst, bicyclist.
Following the crash, Ernst went to the hospital to get stitches on his head and to get some testing done. During that time Fey posted about the emotional encounter on Facebook.

“Right now over 70 random people, some people I do know some people I don’t know. 70 people have donated to this complete stranger because they believe in humanity,” said Fey.
In a day, Fey was able to raise more than $3,200 and partnered with Scheels to get Ernst a new electric bike. Ernst says he couldn’t believe it when he heard the news.

“I was mind blown that the community came together like complete strangers to help me out in a situation that they weren’t involved in in any way shape or form,” said Ernst.

While at the hospital Ernst also discovered he had a suspicious lump on his lung.

“They said it’s like it’s bigger than a large egg. So I don’t know what it is. They seemed pretty concerned,” said Ernst. “You know everything happens for a reason. And you know, I say that a lot in my life you know that even when bad things happen, you know something good may come from it.”

Ernst says he never imagined something like this would ever happen to him.

“Honestly, I’m beyond happier the fact that I’m able to walk out of here today with it with a nicer bike than I had. I would never pick a bike like that for myself. This wouldn’t be a reality if the people didn’t come together for me,” said Ernst.

Fey, who grew up in Viborg, says you never know what people may be going through.
“We’re a small community where we all lift each other up. This is a big city with really good people. So that’s been installed me and when people need help. I’m going to try my best to help,” said Fey.

Ernst told us he’ll be going to a specialist to undergo more testing on his lungs in the coming weeks.