HARRISBURG, S.D. (KELO) — The Country Apple Orchard near Harrisburg is wrapping up its first season under new ownership.

Country Apple Orchard is getting its pumpkins in a row for the final Fall Festival of the season.

Despite a few challenges, owner Katie Jones considers this year a success.

“Always a little bit of a learning curve, but we’re excited for the years to come,” Country Apple Orchard Owner Katie Jones said.

“We had a few hiccups and bumps, but we worked those out, mainly just trying to make sure we had enough supplies like apples and pumpkins,” Country Apple Orchard Manager Yung Ring said.

Manager Yung Ring says the drought took its toll on apple production.

“We’ve already started the fertilization and the trimming of the trees to make sure that they’re a lot healthier next year versus what they were this year, and then hopefully we can get more rain next season,” Ring said.

Not every apple makes the cut. Some that fall to the ground become apple sauce, the rest go to the cleanup crew.

“We don’t have to use pesticides on our trees because of the pigs, they help eat all the bugs and keep the trees healthy and on top of that they come in and eat the rotten apples,” Ring said.

“We do a lot of the cleanup ourselves for the apple cannons but adding in the animals to help do that and fertilize the land has been a fun new addition to the orchard,” Jones said.

Assuming they mind their manners.

“Sometimes they get a little angry and sometimes they like to fight with each other, but for the most part they have their manners, they’re very polite pigs (laugh),” Ring said.

The pigs will be on display this weekend as the orchard celebrates Halloween.

“Our staff’s excited to dress up and participate. We’ll do some trick or treating and some fun little themed things, so absolutely it’s a good end to the season,” Jones said.

Jones says they’ll continue to add new attractions each year to bring a fresh feel to the Fall Festival.