South Dakota man shares photos his brother took of Apollo 11’s capsule in ocean

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DELL RAPIDS, S.D. (KFSY) – Saturday marks that anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission that landed on the surface of the moon.

That landing was watched not only by the folks at NASA Mission Control, but by millions around the world as well.

One South Dakota Navy veteran not only remembers the moment but also when the Apollo 11 capsule landed safely in the Pacific Ocean, and his brother made sure he would never forget.

Dennis Bren served six years in the Navy, but his brother is the one who got to experience something once in a lifetime while serving.

Bren says his brother was on the USS Hornet which was the prime recovery ship for the Apollo 11 mission. His brother says he was in the helicopter taking pictures after a successful first moon landing.

It was a historic moment for the US, but an even more special moment for bren and his brother.

“I’m surprised he had enough mind to take all of these deals and send me these copies,” Bren said. “I was pretty proud of that kid. He served 22-23 years in the Navy.”

His brother sent him an envelope the day Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins landed safely in the Pacific Ocean. He still has that stamped with the date of the water landing.

“I’ve pretty much guarded them my whole life. Bren said. “A lot of people can see it and bring back the memories, the older people I should say. 50 years is a long time.”

When you have these memories, like a gold flake off Apollo 11’s capsule, it’s hard to forget.

His brother reportedly has an original set of the photos as well as the Navy. He’s unaware of anyone else having the photos his brother took.

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