CROOKS, S.D. (KELO) –The small town of Crooks, South Dakota has been growing and because it is, there’s a growing problem; one that a lot of families are struggling with — finding child care.

But the town is taking matters into its own hands.

“There’s not a lot of daycare options in Crooks,” mother Elizabeth Gacke said.

Elizabeth Gacke takes her child to the Crooks Community Child Care Center.\

She says it’s been a blessing to have it here, because she and her husband both work and without it, it would be hard to find another place that is this convenient.

“My kids have been going to daycare here for about 8 years and the amount of growth that the town has had is exponential for the last few years and the day care center hasn’t had the opportunity to grow with the town,” Gacke said.

But that’s about to change.

The community is raising funds to build a brand new day care center on this lot on the south side of town.

It’ll replace the current center that has aged and is in need of renovations, but is also at capacity with over 40 kids.

“Well, we are hoping to hold three times that many,” Boehrns said.

Because right now they have about 25 kids on a waiting list.

“I think we’ve said 2025 is when the next kid could come off the waitlist,” Boehrns said.

The current child care center takes kids up to four years old, but Fridays are different, because the need becomes even greater.

“It’s huge because with the Tri-Valley School District going Monday thru Thursday there’s the huge need for child care on Friday for school-age kids,” Boehrns said.

So the sooner they can get the new child care center built, the better it’ll be for everyone in the Crooks community.

So far they’ve raised over a quarter of a million dollars, but they need twice that much. There’s a GoFundMe page or you can make a donation at First Interstate Bank in Crooks.