SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — A Sioux Falls mother and father are sharing their anguish after almost losing their daughter in a motorcycle crash two weeks ago. 20-year-old Breinna Grace is out of the ICU and now in acute care due to broken bones, a skull fracture, as well as a stroke. Her family has a message of caution, as well as hope, during this national Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Breinna Grace inherited a passion for motorcycling from her parents. She completed her motorcycle training just one month ago.

“That’s an empowering thing for a woman to go and get your motorcycle license. I was so proud, that was a huge thing,” Breinna’s mom Julie Gannon said.

“Always wore a helmet, I always told her that was gospel, you have to do that,” Breinna’s dad Joel Grace said.

Her parents say Breinna was wearing a helmet the night of Friday the 13th when she was riding on the back of a motorcycle driven by her boyfriend near the intersection of 41st Street and Veterans Memorial Parkway.

“And there was a collision with a vehicle and she was catapulted, she struck a couple of cars. We’ve heard different things, we did hear that she went under one,” Gannon said.

Breinna suffered brain damage from the crash. She’s no longer in a medically-induced coma, but she has yet to regain consciousness.

“Most people would probably say that this is terrible to see. But in the last week, we’ve seen her chin collar come off. We’ve seen her femur surgery, we’ve seen her arm surgery, her wrist, her hand, her fingers, her cranial surgery,” Gannon said.

Breinna’s parents want to remind all drivers to be aware of motorcycles on the road at this time of year, so other families don’t have to experience the anguish they’re going through right now.

“Make sure all of your choices are right: changing lanes, corners, lights, everything because these people on motorcycles and bicycles are vulnerable in any way, shape or form you can think of,” Grace said.

Breinna’s parents are spreading their message of motorcycle awareness as her long road to recovery is just getting started.

“We’ve got hope. But at 20 years old, it’s an awful place to be is sitting in an ICU,” Grace said.

“Bre is beautiful. And we’re not giving up hope,” Gannon said.

Breinna’s boyfriend, who was also wearing a helmet, is recovering from his injuries.

There’s a GoFundMe account set up for Breinna