SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Gas stoves and other gas appliances will be protected under South Dakota law. 

Governor Kristi Noem announced she signed 11 more bills into law bringing the total this session to 137 with four vetoes.

On Wednesday, Noem will also hold a bill signing in Mitchell regarding House Bill 1090 which protects agricultural operations from nuisance claims. She is planning another bill signing event in Rapid City on Thursday. 

Noem signed HB-1239 which prohibits a ban on fuel gas appliances used by consumers. 

“No local ordinance or regulation may prohibit the use, production, manufacture, or transport of fuel gas appliances within the state,” the bill states. 

HB-1239 passed the Senate 35-0 and passed the House 67-3. The bill came after a Bloomberg News story reported the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission might consider a ban on gas stoves because it contributes to asthma.   

Noem also signed HB-1175 which updated references to the governor, lieutenant governor and other positions in the state’s Constitution. Noem was elected as South Dakota’s first female governor in 2018. 

“We are fixing our laws and South Dakota Constitution so that they reflect the fact that women and men can both attain offices like governor. I began my State of the State Address by promising to deliver on this, and I am grateful to the legislature for working with me,” Noem said in a statement. 

Noem also signed into law the following bills: 

  • SB23 – Makes an appropriation for the modernization of the state’s enterprise resource planning systems;
  • SB69 – Modifies the composition of the State-Tribal Relations Committee;
  • SB134 – Revises membership of the Medical Marijuana Oversight Committee;
  • SB145 – Revises provisions pertaining to township eligibility for the rural access infrastructure fund;
  • SB174 – Prohibits the enactment or implementation of an ordinance, resolution, or policy that prohibits the use of an energy utility service;
  • HB-1008 – Revises provisions relating to actuarial terminology used by the South Dakota Retirement System;
  • HB1035 – Makes an appropriation to the Department of Revenue for the modernization of the motor vehicle administration system;
  • HB1042 – Updates additional charges allowed for mailing decals and plates;
  • HB1220 – Provides that a female who undergoes an unlawful abortion may not be held criminally liable.