BROOKINGS, S.D. (KELO)– If you’ve ever thought about going goose or duck hunting, South Dakota’s Game, Fish and Parks Department wants to help you get started.

Thanks to many community donations, the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks has been able to add a Waterfowl Access Decoy Loaner Trailer to the Brookings County Outdoor Adventure Center. It’s free and provides hunters with everything they need to get started.

The goal of this new trailer is to get more people out into nature and interested in waterfowl hunting.

“They have noticed a decrease in kind of waterfowl hunters and hopefully get more people into the sport,” said Dustin Huber, Director of the Brookings County Outdoor Adventure Center.

“Waterfowling is a major South Dakota tradition, but it can be expensive to get in to. So we like to offer resources to make it easier to get outside,” said Jason Nelson, Outreach Coordinator, The Outdoor Campus.

The trailer comes with several different items that hunters need.

“So there’s some full body Canadian Geese decoys, as well as some silhouettes, and then there’s a couple layout blinds and then I believe there is a couple flags as well as some goose decoys as well,” said Huber.

Game, Fish and Parks hopes that by having this resource in Brookings, they will be able to help the college students who are looking to get into hunting.

“A lot of waterfowling can be pretty growling and that younger age demographic seem to be the ones that really take to it, and we have a lot of people from out of state and the resources are very good in that area,” said Nelson.

This is the first trailer of its kind in the eastern part of the state, and it won’t be the last.

“We definitely are going to be adding trailers, there will be a Sioux Falls trailer next season,” said Nelson.

Helping more people try something new and step out into the outdoors.

“Just to get more people into the outdoors and like I said before, it is expensive and if you were to go out and purchase all that stuff and you decided you weren’t into something like that, this gives them a little bit better chance to I guess get into that without having to pay that high price of getting all those decoys and stuff like that,” said Huber.

This trailer is open to the public until the end of the season, which varies depending on your location. Here is some information about your local waterfowl season and how to use the trailer.