AURORA COUNTY, S.D. (KELO) — It’s out in the field where a visitor can find Helen Hohn in her happy place.

“I love it out here,” the South Dakota resident said.

After all, where else would this 92-year-old lady be?

“I’m a farmer at heart, I guess,” she said.

She drives a grain cart, which she says isn’t hard… once you can get into the cab.

“Once you find your row that you have to watch so you don’t get too close to the combine it’s very easy,” she said. “It’s harder to get up.”

But that isn’t the only spot you might find her.

“Her Wednesdays are usually off because she likes to do quilting, and she goes into town and helps the ladies quilt, so that’s her other job,” Helen’s son Kelly Hohn said.

Kelly farms with her, and her grandson Erick Hohn also helps.

“She has a very energetic spirit like you were talking about,” Erick said. “It’s very nice to see her still climb up in there and climb out.”

“Whenever I need her, she comes on out,” Kelly said. “She said she was going to retire at the age of 90, but I still got her going at 92.”

Her birthday is April 19, 1931.

“So, I’m just 29,” Helen said.

Dan Santella: That’s how I understand it.

And when you feel this blessed, the years themselves are one big harvest.

“I can not believe that the good Lord has given me this much,” Helen said. “Just, hallelujah.”

Kelly is the youngest of Helen’s six children. She has had 10 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.