HUMBOLDT, S.D. (KELO) — “It’s a miracle they are alive:” that’s how a young woman describes her parents who were seriously injured in a deadly house explosion last month near Humboldt.

She gives us an update on her parents’ conditions as they continue to recover from that fiery explosion that killed her brother and how the community is going above and beyond to help them.

Leland Goehring got to ring the bell after completing several rounds of physical therapy and rehab.

He and his wife Lori were seriously injured when their house exploded in the early morning hours of October 18th.

“My dad spent two weeks in the hospital, he broke his hip, so he got that replaced, six broken ribs, a brain bleed, and some internal injuries to the liver, spleen, and small intestine,” Hannah Goehring said.

Hannah says her mom is doing better, too, but is still in the hospital.

“She got beat up the most, she had a broken pelvis, broken femur so she had surgeries on that, 12 broken ribs a fracture to her neck and fractured her hands,” Hannah said.

Her brother Ben died in the explosion and coming to terms with that isn’t easy.

“Still the hardest part is for me is accepting and even processing that this all happened and that Ben is gone and every day I wake up and face my new reality which is a life where my brother is gone forever. I won’t be able to ever see him again, hear his voice again or his laugh and that’s something I haven’t been able to wrap my head around,” Hannah said.

But they do take comfort in knowing how much support they are getting from the community and they are grateful.

“Honestly we’ve had so much support and to say we have the best people surrounding us would be an understatement,” Hannah said.

This Saturday, there’ll be a fundraiser with both a silent and live auction, raffles, and food and drinks.

“We have people who are donating so much stuff, it’s like I can’t even keep up,” Jennifer Riese said.

Jennifer Riese doesn’t even know the family, but wanted to organize a fundraiser because she loves helping people.

“People are like, I got this, I got this, this person wants to do this, this person wants to do this, it’s just crazy,” Riese said.

While explosion remains under investigation, the Goehrings are trying to heal physically and emotionally and move on with a life without Ben.

“It’s just hard to understand that it had to be him, I have to live the rest of my life without him, I only had him for 21 years and now I have to live longer than I had him which is extremely hard,” Hannah said.

The fundraiser is this Saturday from noon until 6:00 p.m. at the Hartford American Legion.