CANISTOTA, S.D. (KELO) — A historic landmark in a small South Dakota community has been demolished.

The Ortman Hotel in Canistota opened in 1929 and closed back in April of this year. The 94-year-old building was a staple in the town’s history.

“I know it’ll better the community, knowing that we can have more space and rebuild. But seeing all that history go does make me a little sad,” said Ellie Becker, a high school student and former employee of the hotel.

Crews began tearing down the Ortman Hotel Tuesday. It had served as a place to stay for patients of the Ortman Chiropractic Clinic next door.

“It does really have a lot of history behind it. It started way back when where was not enough room in the farmhouse to host the Ortman clinic people patients,” said Becker. “What was really cool about it was the elevator, it was a hand-operated one, so you had to hand-operate it, it was very cool to see.”

The Ortman Clinic, which is attached to the hotel building, is still open for business.