SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The ‘World Freedom Initiative: Stand, Speak and Act of Your Freedom’ summit kicks off on Nov. 10, 2023, in Paris, France, and the first entry on the speakers page is none other than South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

Listed as being “On Trump’s Vice President Short List,” Noem is joined by 22 other speakers.

  • Mike Johnson: Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
  • David Bossie: Former Trump campaign manager
  • Rob Roos: Dutch member of the European Parliament
  • Nigel Farage: Former British member of the European Parliament
  • Eric Zemmour: French politician
  • Virginie Joron: French member of the European Parliament and member of the far-right French Nation Front Party
  • Andre Bercoff: French writer
  • Charles Gave: French businessman
  • Corey Lewandowski: Former Trump campaign manager
  • Nicholas Dupont-Aignan: Member of French Parliament
  • Solomon Yue, Jr.: Chinese businessman and RNC official
  • Dorin Iacob: Romanian politician and talk show host
  • Balazs Orban: Political Director of Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban (Not related)
  • Sieta Van Keimpema: President of Dutch Dairymen Board
  • Devin Nunes: Former U.S. Congressman and CEO of Trump’s Truth Social
  • Quisha King: Former spokesperson for Moms 4 Liberty
  • Tamara Lich: Leader of Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’
  • Laurence Trochu: President of French Conservative Movement
  • Jean-Frederic Poisson: French politician
  • Florian Philippot: Former member of the National Front
  • Alex Mooney: U.S. Congressman from Virginia
  • Kerry McQuisten: Former mayor and failed Oregon gubernatorial candidate

The summit has a stated goal of bringing together “like-minded conservative, patriotic and center-right leaders from across the political spectrum together to create strong and lasting ties.”

Focuses of the conference will include free speech, globalism, election strategy, illegal immigration and combatting ‘wokism’, according to the website.

Noem will be joined on the stage by some controversial figures. Dorin Iacob for instance, the Romanian politician and talk show host, was arrested in the UK in 2016 for sexually harassing a woman during a massage session.

A handful speakers also have a history of Islamophobic remarks.

Poisson has been on record as wanting to suppress the French Council of the Muslim Faith and has supported existing restrictions on Muslims being allowed to wear certain religious garb.

Dupont-Aignan stirred controversy when he expressed his belief that teaching the Arabic language in French schools leads to Islamic terrorism.

Zemmour, meanwhile, the French politician who ran a failed bid for the presidency, was found guilty of hate speech in a Paris court, having called unaccompanied migrant children “thieves”, “rapists” and “murderers” in a TV appearance.

Zemmour also has two previous convictions for hate speech, which were overturned on appeal. He was also acquitted of hate speech charges in 2008, twice in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019.

Zemmour will be the conferences opening speaker, with his segment entitled “The Future of Right-Wing Alliance.”

It is not currently known what exactly Noem will be speaking on, though the program states she will give the summit’s closing speech.