SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A week ago on Halloween, four young kids captured the hearts of so many people, when they did the unexpected.

But as you’re about to see, they’re the ones now who got something totally unexpected.

Last week we told you about four Sioux Falls kids, who were out trick or treating and left their own candy at a house where the treats had been stolen.

This video caught a lot of people’s attention, including one of our viewers who wants us to just use her first name, Angie.

Angie wanted to acknowledge the kids’ act of kindness.

So we stopped by their house to pay them a visit.

Don: So one of our viewers was so touched by your guys’ generosity the other night on Halloween so she wanted to do something special for you so she went out and bought each one of you a gift card.

“Oooooo everyone loves a Target gift card,” Amelisyah Chau said.

The thoughtful gift caught them off guard.

“This was a very very nice thing for her to do I didn’t expect it,” Kaytlin said.

Each gift card came with a personal handwritten message from Angie.

“Thank you for showing others kindness, your kindness makes the world a better place, here’s a little gift to show you your kindness didn’t go unnoticed. Keep up the good work and you will go far in life,”

The kids are grateful and weren’t expecting anything in return, they just thought they were doing the right thing.

But Kaytlin says there’s also a lesson we could all learn from this whole experience.

“Some of my teachers tell me if you do the right thing that someone will bring it right back to you, so this just kind of proves that point,” Kaytlin said.

Now they have a message for Angie.

“Thank you Angie!!!”

Each gift card was worth $25.