Fliers promoting KKK found in Sioux Falls

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Fliers allegedly from the Ku Klux Klan have shown up in a Sioux Falls neighborhood.

Monday night, Kristen Peterson noticed something just steps away from where she lives in southeast Sioux Falls. Out on a walk in her neighborhood, she spotted a piece of candy in a bag.

“Something in my heart made me kind of go back to see out of curiosity what it was, and when I picked it up, it was a zip lock baggie full of information and propaganda and encouragement to join and contact the Ku Klux Klan,” Peterson said.

It was hard for her to process.

“I was shocked, I was, I honestly stood there in disbelief,” Peterson said. “I think my first reaction was shock and sadness and disappointment. I see Sioux Falls as a wonderful, caring, loving place that celebrates different cultures and diversity, and so it really was surprising and disappointing.”

The papers include phrases like “white lives do matter,” “wake up silent white majority,” and “save our land join the Klan.” These papers also reference a new movie that is now out: “BlacKkKlansman.” Peterson ended up calling Sioux Falls police.

“I wanted them to be aware of what was out there, and they were responsive and had made note that this was not the first time they had heard that phone call,” Peterson said.

Peterson also says even her seven-year-old daughter is worried about the fliers.

“She expressed concern and fear for some of her teachers who are of Hispanic cultures and some friends of hers who are of different races, and those are people that we love and want to celebrate and we’re grateful that they’re in our community, and she picked up on pretty quickly that they might be in danger,” Peterson said.

Affiliate KELO asked her if she thinks the pamphlets represent a threat to people in Sioux Falls.

“I sure hope not, I think it’s a small fraction, that’s my hope and my prayer, is that this is a small fraction, a small group,” Peterson said.

Sergeant Sean Kooistra with the Sioux Falls Police Department says police “are looking into the matter.”

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