BLACK HILLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s that time of year again. As the weather heats up, people are getting excited about boating season.

This boat dock is set up and ready to go after National Forest Service crews set it up for the summer season.

“Around this time of year, typically right before Memorial Day is when the boat docks will be pushed in. The ramp is available year-round but the docks come in and out with the ice on the lake,” Cecilia Lepa, Recreation Management Specialist, said.

People are already taking advantage of the dock and the lake. Pactola Pines Marina owner, Angie Weaver, says it’s going to be a busy year.

“Oh yeah, 4th of July and pretty much all of July is almost completely booked already and all of my bigger boats are already booked for the month of July,” Weaver said.

And no matter the season, safety is key along with proper boat care.

National Forest Service officials want everyone to clean, drain and dry your boats before bringing them out to Pactola Reservoir this summer.

“It really applies to everybody that puts their boat in the water. We want to make sure they are cleaning the boat coming in and going out and that they drain it. So pulling the plugs out, drain the water that’s in the boat. And dry it every single time. So clean, drain and dry every time will help prevent the spread of zebra mussels,” Scott Jacobson, Public Affairs Officer for BH Natl. Forest, said.

“And we are just really excited to get the boat docks in and let people go out and use them. It makes it a lot easier for people to go fishing and I am really excited for the summer season,” Lepa said.

There will be inspection stations located at Pactola Reservoir this summer. All watercraft, including canoes, kayaks, and inflatables will be inspected.