SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO)–Artificial Intelligence has been making headlines all year as the technology continues to impact more industries.

In tonight’s Your Money Matters, the AI Summit coming to Sioux Falls next week to help more businesses learn how to best utilize AI in their workplace.

“This has actually been on the horizon for a long time,” Five Star Call Centers co-owner Joel Sylvester said.

Joel Sylvester says his company, Five Star Call Centers, has used different versions of AI for the past 20 years, but he says the state of the workforce is finally pushing more companies to start looking into artificial intelligence.

“Desperation is the mother of adoption. A lot of these tools aren’t brand new invented; they just haven’t been adopted because people had labor force,” Sylvester said.

That is not the case any more as nearly every industry is struggling to find enough workers; now, they’re finding new ways to use AI to help fill the void.

“How can you as a business can you look at what things can we do more with less. Areas like recruiting, like training,” Sylvester said.

“We see people adopting this at a national scale, the question is how am I going to use this what are we going to do with this, how do I use it for my business,” AI Edge Summit organizer Andy Jorgensen said.

That’s the question Andy Jorgensen hopes to help more local businesses answer with his new AI Edge Summit.

“It’s going to demonstrate how businesses can automate things they don’t want to do. How companies can empower their people to scale their productivity at a level they couldn’t before,” Jorgensen said.

The summit will feature national and regional AI experts as well as local leaders who are already using AI in their companies.

“We’re going to see people from South Dakota, doing stuff with AI right in front of the audience so they can see exactly how to do what they’re doing,” Jorgensen said.

Practical guidance and ideas on how to help businesses beat the labor shortages with the help of AI.

“It really is a way to provide better service at a lower cost, faster, which is really what everybody wants,” Sylvester said.

The AI Edge event will be at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Sioux Falls next week on Thursday, October 26th beginning at noon. Early bird registration ends Wednesday October 16th, but tickets will be available all the way up to the day of the event.