STURGIS, S.D. (KELO) — Joseph Bryant was sitting on his front porch, watching the bikes go by on Monday morning, when something a little out of the ordinary happened.

“A lady was test driving a chopper, or a trike-type thing, and — gave it a little too much throttle and took out the pole, the fireplace and the fence,” Bryant said. A little too close for excitement.”

While this was a rather extreme example, Bryant is used to the commotion of the Rally, and he should be; its been right outside his front door since he was a baby.

“[I’ve lived here] since ’89,” Bryant said. Over the years, he’s seen a lot. “Pretty much everything you see downtown drives by, walks by, comes by, one way or the other.”

The prevailing experience of the Rally from Bryant’s front porch (now partially held up with 2x4s) had to be the noise; a constant rumble of engines interspersed with the roar of individual bikes.

“It starts quieting down around 10:30-11:00 [p.m.], sometimes a little later — and then they start up in the morning again,” said Bryant. “Traffic starts around 8:00-10:00.”

Surprisingly, Bryant says growing up with a front row seat to the Rally was actually pretty uneventful.

“It’s just a nice place,” Bryant said. “You get to see a lot of different things — we used to have a rule that no one could go to bed until someone got stopped [by police] right out in front of the house — and it always happens.”