‘Slow fashion’ movement helps people value their clothing choices


LOS, ANGELES, Calif. (ABC NEWS) – Sustainability efforts are growing in the fashion industry and it’s changing the way our clothes are produced.

Each piece of clothing at Haley Solar’s namesake shop in Los Angeles is hand-sewn inside her boutique. She also sources locally from vendors who have a surplus of unused fabric.

“For it was never a choice to get into a slow fashion business. It was just there wasn’t another way because this is what I do and this is how I make clothing, Haley Solar, owner and designer of Haley Solar.

Solar’s boutique is an example of a fashion brand with a “slow fashion” mentality, creating clothing locally and in small qualities.

It’s a shift from the so-called “fashion fast” process, where brands mass produce clothing, many times, for a fraction of the cost.

“We have companies that are now pumping new product into their stores 52 times a year. That’s every single week you can go to the store pick up something new,” Naomi Goez, Sustainable fashion advocate said.

Goez also said the term “sustainable” is still hard to define in the fashion industry.

In addition to designing clothes, Solar also teaches sewing classes in her studio where she educates people on the hard work behind each item they wear and the power in their clothing choices.

“When they realize how long it takes, how much skill, how much patience. Then they start to question why the top they are wearing was so expensive and they really start to value the craft,” Solar added.

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