Siouxland Stories: Siouxlanders on a mission to lend a helping hand

Siouxland Stories

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Three Siouxlanders that are new to the area are already making an impact by reaching out to their neighbors and lending a helping hand.

“We just made a Facebook ad, and said if anyone needs help, we’d love to come help,” said missionary Bryce Porter.

It was that simple. Three missionaries, new to Siouxland, deciding they wanted to lend a helping hand on wintry days to those can’t afford snow removal or aren’t able to do it on their own.

“We believe we should act like the savior acted, how Jesus Christ acted and so we try to serve as he served. And that’s why we do what we do.”

“So we’ll usually head over with our own shovels and shovel for them, and we’ll say hi if they stop out or we’ll message them afterwards,” said missionary Peter May.

Their good deeds don’t go unnoticed.

“It sometimes brings them to tears, and it really makes an impact on me in realizing I can help other people,” said Porter.

“It’s been really cool to see some people thanking us, some offering if they could pay us but that’s not necessary. We’re here to serve and to love and to care for people,” said missionary Kevan Williams.

While Kevan, Peter, and Bryce may be new to the area, they’re not new to dealing with winter. They’re from Idaho, Utah, and Washington state.

“I’m used to being able to shovel snow and clear off the driveway. That’s winter stuff.”

Which is good, because when the snow starts flying, these young men could be out shoveling for hours.

“One of these days each of us got at least four houses.. so that’s 12 houses shoveled. Just depends on who needs it, we’d love to help out.”

Helping out their new community doesn’t end with snowy days.

“We go to the food bank once a week, usually, anytime anyone needs any service, we’d love to help, we’re just not allowed to use power tools cause then we could get hurt,” said Porter.

In the fall, they raked leaves and in the summer, the men say they’re ready to help with yard work or whatever anyone needs.

They say they get something out of it, too.

“It’s meaningful to me because I get to see how people react. They really need it.It really impacts them. We’ve even helped clean people’s houses because they’ve been to sick to be able do it themselves,” said Porter.

“One by one we’re able to be a force for good. And we’re able to lift up at least one person’s life. Christ did the same thing, he helped one person at a time in their struggles. And we can at least do that, one person at a time,” said Williams.

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