SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) — A Siouxland man certainly seems to be saving the best for last after throwing horseshoes and winning titles for a couple of decades.

Over the summer, Larry Munhofen bagged the biggest prize of his career, and despite a health scare that might have stopped many from competing, the South Sioux City man is already planning to defend his title.

The horseshoe competition season is over, but that doesn’t keep Munhofen from reliving his accomplishments from earlier this summer.

On his 21st attempt, the South Sioux City Ringer Captured his first World Horseshoe Championship.

“I told my wife I won second place in the last four years,” said Munhofen, “It’s about time I win something. I came out and shot above my average all five games.”

The 74-year-old collected 15 and a half points out of 16 to win the crown in his class.

“The second day, I was on fire,” Munhofen said, “I threw 40-some percent. First 12 ringers out of 20 shoes. I was on fire, nothing bothered me … It didn’t seem to bother me and I got lucky breaks. You need luck breaks to win. Twenty years ago, I wanted to win everything. I thought I was better than everybody, but I wasn’t. It’s gratifying. The last 10 years moving up the line, throwing a lot better.”

Winning presents all kinds of opportunities, but Munhofen actually was a winner years before capturing this summer’s title.

Twelve years ago, Muhofen suffered a life-altering heart attack. He required three stunts and some time off.

“I never gave up,” Munhofen said, “I dropped way down but kept at it and kept going. My Bowling helped too. That does help out.”

That’s right. Munhofen can roll the ball as well as pitch a shoe. He is a member of the Siouxland Bowling Hall of Fame. Safe to say that he’s battle-tested and the hat he has been wearing since 1996 offers proof.

“I won the starter tournament first year out, never gave it up,” Munhofen said, “The wife wants me to throw it away but I’m not throwing it away.”

Munhofen told KCAU 9 that getting the opportunity to meet people and visit new places makes each competition a lot of fun, win or not. However, earning the title of best in the world is special.

The 2024 World Championships will be in Washington State next year.

“I said, ‘You know, next year I’m going to come back and win another one. If the good Lord lets me, I’ll be there,'” Munhofen said.

Munhofen said that while there are fewer and fewer horseshoe competitions, he continues to enjoy throwing the 2-and-a-half-pound shoes each summer in Emerson, Nebraska.

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