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HOLSTEIN, Iowa (KCAU) — Holstein isn’t a place where you would expect a music producer to be looking for talent. But when the daughter of April Lange was closing in on her high school graduation, her mom wanted to make it special. For her and every member of the Ridge View choir.

She turned to her cousin, who is married to the music producer who discovered Prince.

Yes, that Prince.

“I called my cousin up and asked is there anyway, he can do something. The poor kids that haven’t been able to have a senior year,” said April Lange.

She asked if he would be willing to do a Zoom call with students. What Chris Moon, who has sold more than 22 million records to date, ended up delivering was just a bit more.

“I get a phone call a couple weeks later and he’s going to do one better. He’s going to write a song,” said Lange. “We suggested what if we wrote a song for the choir and we all produced the song together,” Moon said.

It was time to share the news with Ridge View High School vocal music instructor Kris Kistenmacher.

“She was like, ‘Prince. Wow. I know him,'” said Lange.

“They were very excited to hear that this producer, who worked with Prince wanted  to work with our choir. They were like what? That’s very cool,” said Kistenmacher.

“My roots go back to when I discovered Prince. He was 16 years old. So, I like working with young people. They are exciting and energetic,” Moon said.

And so, the work began. The choir working long distance on a one-of-a-kind project.

“It was surprising because we live in small town Iowa, that something like this would happen to us,” said senior Ben Todd.

“It was tedious. We would have to sing and keep things just perfect and practicing without background music,” said Beckie Lange.

“It did turn out to be a lot of having to stop the music, listen to it, and see what we did wrong,” said Maria Mendoza.

“What a wonderful producer to work with,” said Kistenmacher.

“She recorded them on her end, sent the pieces, we assembled them here and then I sent then to Texas and they were assembled there,” said Moon.

The original song, “Change The World”was born.

“Positive positive message which was a great thing for us,” said Kistenmacher.

After all the negative this senior year included, finally some optimism for the class of 2020 to take with it.

“I think that the line in the song, “We’ve got Fire Burning in our Soul” it’s the motivating part. It gets the spark started in you and eventually it will be that big flame,” added Mendoza.

“I never imagined it would go this far,” said Beckie Lange.

“My hope is that they can see them make this world a better place,” Moon added.

You can listen to “Change the World” by downloading it on iTunes and Spotify. Moon hopes to complete similar projects with high school choirs across the country.

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