Siouxland sees an early start to rainy and fall-like weather


SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) – With dry, summer weather just a few days behind us, many of you may be asking what happened that led to this drastic change.

On Sunday, Siouxland saw highs in the 90’s, and as of Tuesday, the high for the day was in the mid 40’s. These below seasonal highs are due to a cold front moving through the area and a shift in the jet stream.

As the cold front moved through, bringing strong winds from the north, it brought some cooler air. Because the jet stream brought cooler air aloft from Canada to northern areas of the Midwest, a jet streak was present north of Iowa.

Jet Stream over U.S. on 9/8

These changes have been the reason for extended showers; the placement of the streak over the area puts it in a specific place that is normally associated with the lifting of air, leading to the development of rain. The streak will be moving further east by Wednesday evening.

An upper air, low-pressure system will separate from the main jet stream and initially lead to drier weather for Thursday, hence the lower rain chances. As it moves further east, and it dissipates and mixes the air, it may lead to another round of shower and potential storms for Friday.

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