Sioux City pitbull ban to be lifted


After weeks of searching for a new four-legged companion, Sioux City resident, Hailey Anderson says she finally found her match.

Anderson says, “When I saw her I was like, I want her to come home.”

But because of where Hailey’s home is, she’s not able to adopt the dog.

Anderson says, “I’m really upset because I wanted to bring her home, but I can’t break the law. I really want to cry.”

Siouxland Humane Society’s Amanda Cook says, “Ultimately we want to get animals into new homes as quickly as they can. So when there’s something like a ban that holds that up, it makes it difficult for us.”

The pitbull ban was adopted by Sioux City Council back in 2008, citing a high number of pitbull attacks as the reasoning for the ordinance.

Since then the number of pitbull attacks has dropped drastically, but the number of dog bites has risen slightly.

Council Member, Rhonda Capron says, “It’s not the pitbulls that are doing the biting it’s all dogs that are doing the biting so why should they suffer.”

Cook says, “A lot of times people think the breed itself is bad or there’s a negative stigma that goes along with that, but ultimately everything is case by case and dog by dog.”

And while pitbull’s have a history of being bred for fighting, officials say their demeanor depends mostly on how the dog was trained.

Capron says, “It’s not the dog it’s the owner if you cant take care of your dog you shouldn’t have any kind of dog.”

If you want to be part of the conversation, council will be discussing the pitbull ban at next Monday’s city council meeting. That meeting takes place at 4pm on the fifth floor of city hall.

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