Sioux City man takes extra measure to slow down drivers


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A Sioux City man is taking extra measures in order to get drivers to slow down on a busy residential road.

Adrian Roy has lived in his home for longer than a decade and has watched Indian Hills and Dupont street expand, creating a larger flow of traffic in and out of his community.

“We moved in here in 1971. This was the end of the line and there wasn’t much traffic and now it’s developed,” said Roy.

Over the years, Roy said he’s watched thousands of vehicles speed down a steep hill on to his busy residential street with no regard for the speed limit.

“It’s a 30 mile an hour zone right here in front of my house and 50 is normal,” said Roy.

Idalia Olson walks her dog every day on that same street and she described a similar experience with speedy drivers.

“One time, I was walking my dog and then a car almost ran a stop sign while I was trying to walk my dog. So like, people aren’t very mindful of people trying to walk,” said Olson.

As a way to stop travelers from speeding, Roy tried to spread the message in a unique way in hopes of bringing attention to the speed limit.

“I put a sign up on the pool and it said all you speeders suck and I truly mean that,” said Roy.

That sign has captured the attention of drivers in the area including the Sioux City Police Department who said they will do their part to enforce laws.

Andrew Dutler, a Sioux City police officer, explained how the police department responded to the message.

“Anytime our community reaches out to us and there are problem areas, we do whatever we can to put extra personnel in those areas,” said Dutler.

Adrian took the sign down later in the afternoon, but he did say drivers were slowing down while the sign was up.

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