Shopping online this winter? Sparklight has some safety tips


(KCAU) – Sparklight is reminding the public to protect themselves when they shop online this holiday season.

Sparklight released a few tips on how to keep yourself safe while you shop online.

Think before you click: Scammers might send emails, instant messages, or voice calls asking for account information for real websites or shopping services. Sparklight says no legitimate service will request this information.

Use strong passwords: Using stronger passwords can help protect you from random logins. Providing separate passwords for separate accounts helps limit the number of accounts a hacker can have access to.

Look for the HTTPS: Websites that are security enabled say https://. The ‘s’ stands for secure.

Shopping with apps: Some apps might be fake with legitimate logos. Try to find apps by going to the company’s official website.

Be Vigilant: Keep receipts, shipping, and tracking information. It’s best to keep an eye on credit card activities.

“The ongoing health and safety issues in the United States have driven more and more people to do even their everyday shopping online – including groceries and meal delivery. This increased activity gives cybercriminals more opportunity to access our personal information. Caution is always key when sharing personal information online, but in our current situation, it becomes even more critical,” said Ken Johnson, Senior Vice President of Technology Services.

Visit Sparklight’s website for more information.

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