SERGEANT BLUFF, IOWA (KCAU) – ‘Wanna Have a Catch’ founder Kevin Negaard has been on a mission to play catch once a day, every day for all of 2022 to raise money for the Miracle League of Sioux City. But with Kevin recently recovering from surgery, he’d need some relief pitchers to help carry out the endeavor. Sergeant Bluff-Luton head baseball coach Matt Nelson has been one of many to come out of the bullpen.

Nelson spent the afternoon at the indoor batting facility in Sergeant Bluff, welcoming a number of catch partners ranging from young kids to even adults wanting to join in on the power of a glove and ball. The catches weren’t the only thing in attendance. ‘Wanna Have a Catch’ jerseys were made available, along with prizes like SB-L baseball hats, and donations to put their names in a raffle. Though Nelson’s talents were only needed for a day, it’s still a touching gesture made from one baseball fanatic to another.

“It’s just so neat that we all share that same passion and that same love for baseball that in the middle of the winter, just one random day it’s like ‘we’re going to go and play catch and we’re going to have a good time about it, we’re going to chit chat, we’re going to be able to kind of make connections,” SB-L baseball head coach Matt Nelson said. “That’s a bigger part of what Kevin has really been able to experience. I think it’s not just the fundraising and that part. but just those experiences and that connection to people that playing catch provides you.”

Negaard has already surpassed his goal of raising $100,000 for the Miracle League of Sioux City, but will continue his campaign though Jan. 18, 2023.