SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Saturday in the Park is about two months away and volunteers are being gathered to put the festival together.

Saturday in the Park will be happening July 2 this year and, like every year, is run by people giving their time and talents.

Jason Babor is a volunteer coordinator for Saturday in the Park.

“Word of mouth is probably the biggest thing. We get folks that come out year after year and they have a good time. Also the website. Go to There’s a spot to sign up and we’ll stay in contact, let you know when the opportunities are coming and when we’ll need some help,” Babor said.

When volunteers sign up, they receive a work shirt and meals on workdays.

Babor said there’s a lot of work for volunteers to do.

“One of the things that comes to mind is signage. We’ve got a lot of folks that come here from out of town that have never been to Sioux City, don’t know where this park is. They need to find a restroom. They need to find a drink, a beverage or know where the bandshell is at,” said Babor.

Babor said a lot of the work happens in the few days leading up to the festival and when it’s all over, volunteers help clean it all up.