SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Like many of Siouxland’s most-beloved events, Saturday in the Park wouldn’t be possible without the time and effort of volunteers.

Dozens of Siouxlanders showed up every day in the weeks before Saturday in the Park getting things ready for Sioux City’s biggest summer event. The day of the festival, they increase efforts: running stands, moving gear, working security, and so much more and it’s all to make the event run as smoothly as possible.

A few volunteers spoke with KCAU 9 about why they take the time to help out.

“Because I had been enjoying it for so long, it was time to participate and be part of the army that puts this thing together,” said Travis Hoffer.

“It is a little bit of hard work but in the end it really gives you that feel good inside knowing that you’re helping out for a good cause and I mean come on, it’s Saturday in the Park,” said Anthony Gabriel.

Organizers said they are always in need of extra hands and Sunday will be no exception. Clean up will begin bright and early to bring the park back to its normal state.

And then in later months, the process will begin all over again with new and returning volunteers making it all possible.

For some musicians at Saturday in the Park, this year is their first time performing at the festival. For others, Saturday in the Park is a yearly stop on a touring schedule.

Rock duo Black Pistol Fire had their sound check earlier in the day, all in preparation for their first Saturday in the Park performance.

“I looked into Saturday in the Park. I checked out some of what’s happened in previous years. It looked cool, people it seems like a lot of people come out,” said Eric Owen of Black Pistol Fire.

“When we found out we were going to play here, and we got really stoked and you know, started thinking about the set and all that stuff, so we’re just happy to be here man,” said Kevin McKeown of Black Pistol Fire.