SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Art is one of the major elements that feed into what makes Saturday in the Park a special event for Siouxland.

Mary Jane Davidson started as an art vendor outside of Saturday in the Park.

“I’ve been vending for about nine years, and I was at Sioux Falls, and Maurice ran into my booth,” said Davidson, detailing the beginning of her adventure.

The Arts Alley chairperson asked her to bring her tie-dye booth into the park, and that interaction began years of relationships and memories.

“I have people come to me, you know, after Saturday in the Park is over. They’ll find me, and they’ll go, ‘hey, remember me?’ And they’ll flash their shirt or whatever they’re wearing, and I have to say, ‘of course, I remember you,'” explained Davidson.

Some of her customers were even taking her work onto the stage.

“I had this gentleman last year who came into my booth very, before the event started, and he was looking at everything, and he saw a pair of my shoes, and he got very excited, and he bought a pair of converse tie-dye. He came back later in the day, he was wearing them, and he said he wore them while he was playing,” she said.

Davidson’s love for the festival has grown over the years and seeing performers wear her items just adds to it.

“The people are so friendly. Like, I remember last year, you know, after COVID, we all came back. Everybody, the excitement, and the happiness in the crowd was just unparalleled,” she said.

Davidson is just one of dozens of art vendors who make Saturday in the Park an annual tradition.

Applications for Arts Alley vendors are still being accepted.