SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Saturday in the Park isn’t only known for live music. The festival can also be an outlet, or ‘canvas’ for artists.

Jessica Hammond is known as ‘Brutal Doodles’, in the art world. She has a history of working at Saturday in the Park.

“I was on the audio crew working with Todd at the Abe stage and I set up some drums for Flo Rida, and stuff like that. Last year was my first time on the committee. I was on the sponsor tent committee and then I ended up joining the merch committee,” Jessica Hammond said.

It’s been about a year since the Grandview Park Water Towers came down. But, before they did, they were covered in graffiti art. Some of that art was Hammond’s work and it wasn’t only on the towers.

“I ended up doing two different merch designs for Saturday in the Park, so I made this t-shirt that I’m wearing,” Hammond said.

Hammond’s art would, at one point, also become part of the music.

“I ended up painting this drum head, I just did a little design, it said SITP in the middle. And I was walking over with it to, you know, put it up and someone from the stage was like ‘hey, come here!’ and they ended up grabbing it from me and putting it on the drum set that was on stage,” Hammond said.

This year, Hammond plans to paint another drum head that will put her art back on stage.