Rogue goats cause crop damage and frustration to Alabama neighborhood


A Mobile County neighborhood in Alabama is frustrated with an ongoing livestock problem.

Residents in one Irvington neighborhood say a pack of goats is eating their crops, climbing on cars and even breaking fences. 

“Get out of here goats!” Yelled Ouida Harbin, a Creekside Drive South resident. 

Harbin has two female goats and doesn’t want anymore. She’s worried about a pack of six goats getting in her fence and impregnating them. 

The pack, she says, belongs to a neighbor across the street. However, she says he’s never home and the goats break out of his yard on a daily basis. 

She often wakes up to them in her yard. Last November, she filed a police report claiming they broke her fence. “They broke in my garden back in the fall and ate my blueberry bushes, ate my lima beans, ate my okra plants, just totally demolished everything I had in my garden.”

Months later, they’re still roaming free. Animal control won’t handle the case since it doesn’t handle livestock issues. 

“It’s called frustration. It’s very frustrating when you can’t get anybody to do anything about a problem that’s affecting the whole neighborhood,” said Harbin.

News 5 called Bayou La Batre Police to see what can be done. Nearly a half hour later, an officer showed up to take yet another police report. 

“Downright disgusting frustration. Nothing seems to help on any of it. Nothing that is said to any official or any neighbor or anything like that gets anything done.”

News 5 tried to locate the owner of the goats to get his side of the story but we were unable to find him. 

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