Riverbend Shootout in Rock Valley, Iowa


ROCK VALLEY, Iowa (KCAU) — People all over the country are in Rock Valley, Iowa to witness snowmobiling in August.

KCAU 9’s Jessica Watson shares what the big event means to both the community and the racers.

These racers have snowmobiles that were specially designed to ride on water. It was the first time I’ve seen anything like it, but in Rock Valley, it’s been going on for five years straight.

“It gets better every year and it’s just fun to watch it for the day,” said Cheryl Aberson one of the spectators at the event.

Rock Valley full of visitors from all over the country for the International Water Association’s fourth race of the season.

“To ride a snowmobile year-round is definitely the thrill for me I’m an avid snowmobiler in the winter it’s my thing and being able to ride a snowmobile all season that’s even better you can’t say you just have one season which is winter we have all the seasons,” said David Fischer, one of the racers.

It’s the only race like it in all of Siouxland and spectators are impressed.

One spectator said, “I’ve only heard of it once, but it is pretty cool! It brings people out and gets something different to come watch it’s a good thing for the community very good.”

And love goes both ways, racers say they look forward to hitting the lake here in Iowa as well.

“They love our site it is one of the nicer race sites we have good viewing all the way around the pond and we have an awesome campground so these guys love coming up and racing here and it’s fun,” mentioned the event organizer, Kelly Roder.

Racer, Krista Maki- Zurn said, “I really like this racecourse it’s perfect um for anybody that is watching you can sit anywhere on this race course you can sit anywhere on this course and have a perfect view there is no obstruction you can see everything going on all the action.”

It’s the Riverbend Shootout’s fifth time happening, and it looks like it isn’t stopping anytime soon.

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