SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Rising costs associated with the construction of a new Woodbury County Jail and who should build the $50 million facility were the focus at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

“You can spin it however you want guys, local labor is not being used. Okay? That’s what happened across the street, that’s what we used across the street and that’s why we’re tearing it down,” said Ernie Colt with Local 948 Carpenters Union

Representing the union, Colt questioned just how many local workers will be hired for the project after an Omaha company submitted the lowest construction bid.

“We got some quality labor around here, absolutely. There are facets of this project that we do need to go outside. We need those, okay. The rest of the project, we can handle this work, absolutely,” Colt said.

“Some people are losing sight of the fact that this is a bond issue and that has its own set of rules and laws. So we feel like we’re kind of painted into a corner, and we have no choice,” said Board Chair Rocky DeWitt

Only two companies submitted bids for the jail project, W.A. Klinger being the other.

Supervisors aren’t expected to award the bid for several weeks.