SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) –A hobby farm in southwest Minnesota has fans blowing in from all over.

That’s because the ten acres north of Jasper, Minnesota, are filled with rare windmills.

The land belongs to Terry and Kris Rodman. The married couple of 33 years has quite the collection nestled off of Highway 23 north of Jasper.

There are 43 windmills up at the property, some from the 1800s and 50 are waiting to be repaired across the road.

While Kris thinks the pieces have certainly piled up over the years, Terry, a retired welder, says his passion actually started with a request from his better half.

“I like the Dutch one just because I’m half-Dutch. He built that big Dutch one because I wanted a little Dutch one. He said, ‘if we’re going to have a windmill, we’re going to have a windmill,'” Kris said.

Standing dozens of feet high, it’s quite the sight. You can even go inside the building Terry built from scratch. Neighbors took notice and from there, more requests came blowing in.

Many of them come from places all over the world, including China and Brazil.

“That one comes from the Netherlands and it is so different. It took me all winter to figure out how it goes back together because they took it apart, cut it up, and put it in a box to get it here,” said Terry.

Not all of these took a pretty penny to acquire but windmill shopping can send you down an expensive path.

“It adds up, but don’t most hobbies,” said Kris.

It’s a hobby the Rodmans are happy to share. Kris says roughly 150 visitors stop by every year for a scheduled tour and others just pull over to shoot the breeze.

She’s become an expert tour guide and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

The stockpile isn’t slowing down and neither is the couple. Both are 74-years-old but say there’s no limit for the growing farm. Terry’s interest won’t be fading into the wind any time soon.

“Double fan one down here is probably most people’s favorite. It’s got two fans. One goes right and one goes left and goes into a center gear box,” said Terry.

Centered on providing a fun space for themselves and guests, work will continue spinning here. Kris says her kids even encourage them to keep building.

“It’s called, so who’s going to take care of it when we’re not able. That’s the next problem, but we just take one day at a time,” said Kris.