Redeveloped Badgerow building expected to breathe life back into the heart of downtown


SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) – Downtown Partners Executive Director, Ragen Cote says, “The Badgerow building is an icon in Sioux City.”

An icon that’s seen no activity for about a decade is now just a hollow shell.

Sioux City Council Member, Dan Moore says, “It’s been a long time that it’s been vacant.”

Just last month though, the city approved purchasing the building for $750,000 and is now looking to approve an additional $60,000 for a consultant to help get the word out to developers.

Moore says, “By using a consultant we’re thinking that will expand the potential developers.”

However, due to early interest the building has already seen from developers, the hiring of a consultant has been deferred.

Moore says, “I think we’ll be successful either way since there’s already this excitement about developing the Badgerow building.”

That excitement was also echoed from neighboring downtown business owners, who are hoping the Badgerow will increase foot traffic to their stores.

SOHO Kitchen & Bar Owner, Julie Schoenherr says, “I hope it increases our lunch crowd. It’s going to be great having that building full of employees. They’ll be out walking around and taking lunches. So, I think that would help a lot of small businesses in our area.”

Cote says, “Anytime you can have the lights on, have activity and have people moving and going throughout downtown it just creates a vibrancy that we are really looking forward to.”

As for what will be going into the building – nothing’s been officially decided yet.

Economic & Community Development Director, Marty Dougherty says, “It’s a large building so we assume it will be mixed-use. So, residential and commercial.”

But no matter the changes made, one thing will stay the same.

Moore says, “Whatever it is, we want it to retain and keep that historic value that it’s had for decades in Sioux City, Iowa.”

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