Proposed bills would allow guns in cars for Iowans


DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) – The Iowa legislature is stirring up the gun debate with two proposed bills that would allow guns to be kept in cars, including in school parking lots and other public areas.

Not everyone in the room agreed on the latest senate proposal for licensed gun owners.

Right now, if an employer prohibits firearms at the workplace, even those with conceal and carry permits, cannot bring their gun to their office.

Republican senators say it’s an unnecessary hoop for law-abiding gun owners to jump through.

“Not being able to carry would create an inconvenience to get my weapon to go to work, where I can carry my weapon,” Senator Tony Bisignano, D-district 17, said.

“I’m sorry it’s inconvenient, but sometimes you have to balance those inconveniences with public safety,” Jane Robinette of Urbandale responded with.

This Senate bill would lift the restriction, allowing gun owners to store a weapon in their car while at the workplace; however, this isn’t the only change being considered.

It also applies to school grounds.

“This is about parents who want to protect their kids–being able to do so without being felons,” Senator Amy Sinclair said.

The legislation allows permit holders to have a gun in their car when picking up or dropping off a student, but the gun cannot be brought into the school building.

“Going to work and picking up your kids at school should not be one of those situations,” Senator Claire Celsi added.

Senator Celsi and other Democrats say it’s just a way to decrease restrictions on gun laws.

“It’s chipping away at Iowa’s gun laws, and that’s what’s been going on for the past five to seven years. Just chipping here and there until we basically have no protection,” Senator Celsi added.

“This is about law-abiding Iowans–[their] right to bear arms during their daily routine throughout the day,” Senator Jason Schultz, R-District 9 shared.

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