Tri-state lawmakers release statements on Supreme Court pick


Amy Coney Barrett speaks during the University of Notre Dame’s Law School commencement ceremony in 2018. (Robert Franklin /South Bend Tribune via AP, File)

(KCAU) – Lawmakers from Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota have released statements on President Trump’s pick for Supreme Court.

On Saturday at 4:00 p.m., President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court.

Under the Constitution, the President is tasked with the responsibility of nominating Justices to the Supreme Court. President Trump has a terrific record of appointing judges who respect the Constitution.  Judge Amy Coney Barrett is highly qualified to serve on our nation’s highest court.  She has an outstanding record of respecting the Constitution and the rule of law, and I strongly urge the U.S. Senate to swiftly confirm her nomination.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts

I am encouraged that President Trump has announced Judge Amy Coney Barrett as his nominee to serve as the next Justice on the Supreme Court. As a young mother on the 7th circuit court with a history clerking for Justice Scalia, she is a brilliant choice. In the coming days, I look forward to meeting with Judge Barrett in person and reviewing her record carefully

Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer

Judge Barrett is a brilliant legal thinker and will be an excellent Supreme Court Justice. Despite her unsurpassed character, reputation, and intellect, this confirmation process will be nasty. Why? Because too many on the left (and sadly some on the right as well) want judges who will substitute their own will for the law. Judge Barrett is not that kind of judge. She believes her duty isn’t to arbitrarily slop applesauce on stone tablets and declare new laws — her duty is to cloak her personal views under a black robe and to faithfully uphold the Constitution. That makes her a problem to rabid partisans, and an ally to the rule of law.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse

Liberals and their media allies always attack strong women who defend the Constitution, so I hope South Dakotans will join me in praying for Judge Barrett and her family. A woman of incredible integrity and commitment to due process and equal protection for all Americans, Judge Amy Coney Barrett is the perfect woman for this vacant seat. America has a unique opportunity to restore and rebalance our institutions so that judges judge, legislators legislate, and executives administer, and Judge Barrett’s nomination furthers this rebalancing. Given that she received a rigorous, hyper-partisan examination in 2017 and has a sterling record, there’s no need for prolonged hearings. I hope the Senate confirms her without delay.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem

The president had a strong list of principled and conservative jurists from which he could have chosen, and I applaud him for his selection of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Thune. “Judge Barrett deeply respects the Constitution, and she is committed to interpreting the law as written and applying it faithfully and impartially. Simply put, she doesn’t legislate from the bench. While I look forward to meeting Judge Barrett and learning more about her experience, her resume speaks for itself. She studied at Rhodes College and graduated first in her class from Notre Dame Law School, where she was a beloved professor for more than 15 years. Judge Barrett received unanimous support from her colleagues at Notre Dame when she was nominated to the circuit court, and, since her bipartisan Senate confirmation in 2017, she’s served with distinction in the Midwest on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Unfortunately, Democrats have been opposed to Judge Barrett since before she was even nominated. I hope they abandon their partisan and undemocratic threats as the Senate turns its attention to fulfilling its constitutional duty of providing its advice and consent on the president’s nominee. One of the main reasons I ran for the Senate was for big moments like this one, and I plan on fulfilling my constitutional duty.

South Dakota Senator John Thune

President Trump has made an excellent choice in nominating Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court. As an accomplished jurist, wife and mother from the Midwest, Judge Barrett brings a unique perspective to our nation’s highest court. With so many important decisions to be made at the Supreme Court that are important to South Dakotans – from issues related to health care and taxes to the very sanctity of human life – the person confirmed to replace Justice Ginsburg will have a tremendous impact on our daily lives. While I am already impressed with Judge Barrett’s credentials and commitment to upholding the principles outlined in the Constitution, I look forward to getting to know her better in the coming weeks. And I’ll be ready to vote as soon as the Senate has done its due diligence in vetting Judge Barrett.

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds

Judge Barrett demonstrated her brilliant legal mind before the Judiciary Committee in 2017 and in more than 100 opinions since joining the Seventh Circuit. She is roundly revered in legal circles for her well-reasoned and deliberate decisions, as well as for her commitment to applying the law as written, regardless of outcome. She is eminently qualified for the Supreme Court. In the coming weeks, we’ll take another close look at her legal career, writings and decisions, and I’ll evaluate her nomination on the merits, as I always have. I hope that the process going forward is one of respect and civility befitting the Senate and the Supreme Court. Americans, the nominee, and this committee do not deserve a repeat of the shenanigans on display from the left that we saw in 2018.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley

Today, Judge Amy Coney Barrett joins a growing, but still far too small, group of women nominated to serve on our nation’s highest court. Judge Barrett is an experienced jurist, a working mom of seven, an accomplished legal scholar, and a fellow Midwesterner. I look forward to meeting with and vetting Judge Barrett for this nomination. She deserves a fair and honest confirmation process—and I hope my colleagues across the aisle will work with us to make that happen.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst

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