WASHINGTON, DC (KCAU) — The 68th Siouxland-Washington conference began today with dozens of representatives of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce attending two days’ worth of events and sessions with lawmakers all around the campus of the capitol.

The chamber’s vice president explained some of this year’s priorities include addressing the workforce shortage as well as infrastructure projects in the area.

“Wastewater is a huge thing in our community right now. so we have an aging infrastructure, and we need to repair that and replace it. and then finally the 185th international guard is in need of a runway extension,” Barb Sloniker of Siouxland Chamber of Commerce.

The members of the chamber have met with several members of Siouxland’s congressional delegation including Representative Randy Feenstra and senator joni ernst.
they’ll also be meeting with lawmakers from Nebraska and South Dakota as well. The trip wraps up tomorrow.