‘It was a dark day’: Sen. Joni Ernst talks about Capitol riots, impeachment trial


(KCAU) — Iowa State Sen. Joni Ernst sat down with KCAU 9 and talked about the Capitol riots and how she sees the nation moving forward with the Biden Administration.

Last month, Ernst was in the U.S. Capitol when rioters stormed the building. Ernst reflected on the events that took place on January 6.

“I will be absolutely honest about it. It was a dark day for the United States of America,” said Sen. Ernst.

Ernst was asked how she felt about the Biden administration.

“It has been so tough and we just don’t feel that the President is taking into account two sides of the debate not letting us work in a bipartisan way in the Senate,” said Ernst.

During the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, Sen. Ernst voted not guilty, saying the vote was unconstitutional.

“They knew full well that Mr. Trump would be out of office and they went ahead and proceeded with it anyway. So here we have used impeachment, which I feel is unconstitutional as a tool against a private citizen,” said Sen. Ernst.

“I wouldn’t say he’s the face of the GOP. You see a division of the GOP right now but I do think he can be a significant player,” said Sen. Ernst.

Former Iowa Gov. Tim Vilsack is expected to be confirmed as the next U.S. Agriculture Secretary. Sen. Ernst was asked if she was okay with Vilsack’s appointment.

“I am comfortable with him in that role. I am afraid the Biden administration will keep pushing and pushing. They don’t want to see petroleum products out there,” said Ernst.

The senate is in recess until next week.

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