The U.S. House will get another chance to pass the Farm Bill next month. That’s the deal conservative republicans reached with house leadership.

They are threatening to hold the farm bill hostage until the house votes on a republican immigration bill.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan appears to have a deal with renegades in his own party, who killed the farm bill last week.

“What we are trying to do is find where the consensus sweet spot is,” says Ryan.

Rep. Jim Jordan, (R) Ohio says, “I ain’t gonna vote for a Farm bill until we figure out what we are going to do on immigration, plain and simple.”

Congressman Jordan says that sweet spot is immigration. Jordan and the conservative republicans who call themselves the freedom caucus are insisting the house take up an immigration bill sponsored by republicans Bob Goodlatte of Virginia and Michael McCaul of Texas before a vote on the farm bill.

Jordan says, “That has to happen.”

The Goodlatte-McCaul bill would provide funding for a border wall and establish a so-called merit-based immigration system. It would also extend protections for the so-called dreamers, who are young immigrants that arrived in the United States as children.

“I am happy to address DACA if we can address border security,” says Rep. Tom Garrett, (R) Virginia.

Congressman Garrett notes that the republican immigration bill would not provide a speedy path to citizenship for the dreamers.

Ryan says, “It is a very difficult issue, immigration is an issue that has a lot of passionate positions, a lot of passionate thoughts.”

So in order to pass the farm bill, Speaker Ryan has agreed to bring the immigration bill to the floor, followed by another vote on the farm bill, which is set to happen June 22nd.