One Arkansas man’s disability doesn’t stop him from taking his dream to new heights


SALINE COUNTY, Ark. (KARK-TV)– An Arkansas man took his dream to new heights.

He was able to fly a plane for the first time this weekend.

He has also been blind for his whole life, be he doesn’t let that stand in his way.

Locked in and ready for take-off, Chad King has always dreamed of sitting in the pilot’s seat.

“I’ve wanted to fly since I was a kid,” said King.

From the moment the wheels left the ground, King was able to feel his dream take flight.

He’s not using the view from the cockpit to control this plane.

“I’ve never been able to see,” said King.

Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase flying blind, King is trusting the eyes in the passenger seat.

He piloted this aircraft with just the sound of the flight instructor, John K. Jones, commands and the feel the controls.

“I feel everything going on in the airplane, all the turns, and the banks,” said King.

Even with four out of five senses, King cruised to a new altitude as a first-time flyer.

“He did better than a sighted student. Most students their first time can’t hold a heading within 20 degrees he was within 10, can’t hold an altitude within two or 300 feet, he was holding altitude probably within 50 feet,” said Jones.

Now with his feet back on the ground, it’s just a matter of time before he’s back soaring above the clouds.

“Y’all know where my heads going to be. It’s going to be way up there,” King said.

King doesn’t let his disability stop him from experiencing life.

He’s learned how to drive a car, he’s skydived, and of course, learned how to fly.

It will be exciting to see what the next adventure will be.

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