Nutritious school lunch plays key role in child’s success


School bells are ringing once again, and kids are digging out their lunch boxes…but what goes in that lunchbox plays a crucial part to their success.

If school lunch isn’t an option, then try to pack a healthy, well balanced lunch for your children. 

Choosing items from each food group is important. This includes protein, whole grains, vegetables, and maybe a fruit as dessert.

The lunch should always be colorful. It’ll provide a variety of nutrients, and be appealing to the kids.

Mercy Clinical Nutrition Coordinator Stephanie Small says by packing something nutritious, it’ll sustain kids’ energy levels longer throughout the day.

“Nutrition is so important and it’s important for the growth and development of their bodies and their minds and making sure to have good nutrition will help with their attention in school so they learn better also,” says Stephanie Small.

Small also suggests to try and include the child in making decisions in choosing their lunches. They’ll be more likely to eat it when lunch time comes.

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