DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — Des Moines Police said last week that a second arrest was expected in their investigation into the shooting death of Trishay Thompson in January. On Monday they delivered on that promise, charging 22-year-old Salifou Sahr with one count of First Degree Murder and two counts of Second Degree Murder.

Des Moines Police said Sahr and Sam Sando, who was charged last week, opened fire on Thompson and two other people in a car on January 9th. Thompson died weeks later from his injuries. His death was the first homicide of 2022 in Des Moines.

According to police, Thompson and two associates had planned to sell ‘fake drugs’ to Sando and Sahr. In turn, Sando and Sahr were planning to rob Thompson and the other two men. When Thompson refused to follow Sahr and Sando into an apartment, the two men opened fire on Thompson in the vehicle – according to police.

Salifou Sahr is currently in jail in his home state of North Dakota on unrelated charges.