LINCOLN, Neb. (KCAU/AP) – On Wednesday, Gov. Pete Ricketts hosted a press conference with the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, State Fire Marshal Agency, and Nebraska Forest Service.

Nebraska has created a new state disaster response team to help local governments that are overwhelmed with massive wildfires and other disasters.

The Incident Management Team includes the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, the state fire marshal, and the Nebraska state forester. The team is designed to help organize state resources that are already in place and allow for faster response times.

Gov. Pete Ricketts says it will only respond if local governments request it. Western Nebraska saw a major wildfire in Banner County last month that burned more than 4,000 acres.

The governor also spoke about the coronavirus in Nebraska. He said most of the state will enter phase 4 of reopening on September 14. This means outdoor venues can return to 100% capacity while indoor venues can hold 75% capacity. Events meant for large groups of people (500 or more people) will still need to be approved by local health officials.

To view the press conference, watch it above.