WAYNE COUNTY, Neb (KCAU) — A Nebraska teacher had her electronics seized as police looked for evidence regarding whether or not she had a relationship with a 17-year-old student.

According to court records, a search warrant was filed to seize the electronic devices belonging to Cali Heikes, 25, of Winside who was a teacher with Winside Public Schools. Heikes was arrested earlier in the week on allegations of a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. In the search warrant affidavit, the police claimed that Heikes and the alleged victim met multiple times per week, arranging these meetups through the phone.

“Your Affiant has reasonable belief that meetings and or potential communication between [the alleged victim] and Heikes were coordinated via electronic devices that support the undersigned’s belief,” the affidavit read.

Police first learned of the allegation when they received a call from the Nebraska Health and Human Services hotline about an alleged sexual relationship between Heikes and a 17-year-old student.

As part of the investigation, officers interviewed the alleged victim’s legal guardians. The legal guardians had told investigators that the alleged victim asked them if it was OK for them to have a relationship with a 25-year-old. The legal guardians informed the alleged victim that this was illegal.

Officers also spoke with a sibling of the alleged victim. The sibling told officers they had distracted the legal guardian so the alleged victim could allegedly sneak Heikes into the house. The sibling told officers they believed that the alleged victim and Heikes were having sex. The sibling also allegedly showed officers text messages that they believed backed up the idea that the alleged victim and Heikes were having sex.

In addition, a week prior to receiving the call the officer remembered having conducted a traffic stop after two vehicles were seen driving away from a cemetery in Wayne County. The car that was pulled over belonged to the alleged victim. The officer would later learn that the other car belonged to Heikes. When the victim was asked what he was doing he told the officer he was with his friend Cali.

According to an inventory of the items seized as a result of the search warrant included two cell phones, two laptops, a tablet and an Apple Watch were all seized from Heikes, her residence or her car. It was not specified whether all devices belonged to Heikes or if she just had access to them.