Ricketts says University of Nebraska Chancellor ‘promoting racism against white people’

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Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts speaks during a news conference in Lincoln, Neb., Thursday, June 25, 2020, to update Nebraska’s response to the coronavirus. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

LINCOLN, Neb. (KCAU) — Nebraska Governor Pete Rickets addressed University of Nebraska (UN) President Ted Carter’s open letter regarding solving racism within UN, and he had several critiques.  

On Monday, President Carter’s letter summarized why a plan to incorporate minority students in UNL was important and stated it would not impose critical race theory. The letter was in response to Chancellor Ronnie Green’s plan to roll out a program to increase the number of minority students, staff, and faculty.  

Ricketts said during a Monday morning press conference that the intention behind the program was a good thing and coincided with the goals of the state of Nebraska.  

“We’ve taken our employment of minorities in the state of Nebraska up from 7.3% in December 2014 to 12.1% through 2020,” Ricketts said, “because we’ve taken steps to be able to, for example, make sure that everybody who is qualified gets promoted through the first round of interviews – automatically promoted – we advertise in places where minorities consume, we hire veterans, and so forth. So, we do a number of things.”  

Ricketts said Green called him prior to the announcement to tell him about the rollout of the Journey program but didn’t tell him that he would be highlighting critical race theory, calling it a journey to anti-racism.  

“[Green] was quoting Ibrim Kendi, who is a professor at Boston University who promotes current discrimination on skin, based on skin color, to make up for past discrimination. So, he’s promoting discrimination against white people.”  

Ricketts then pointed out that in Article 1 Section 30 of the Nebraska State Constitution, it prohibits racial discrimination and racial preferences.  

“I was misled by Ronnie Green. I have lost all faith in Ronnie Green. I don’t believe anything he says anymore, and I don’t know how you get that back. So, I could not be more disgusted with what just happened.”  

According to Ricketts, the document says the University of Nebraska is systematically racist, . He said for a higher educational institution to say they have discrepancies in how minorities are doing and conclude everything is racist is not good academic thinking.  

Ricketts said he appreciates that Ted Carter will be taking the reins on the initiative but sees no reason to applaud Green. He wants the University of Nebraska to take steps to demonstrate how they will not employ critical race theory.  

“Anti-racism is critical race theory, that’s saying we need to discriminate against people today,” Ricketts said, “We need to discriminate against white people today to make up for it. That is not our American values. They talked about equality of outcomes; that’s Marxism, that’s communism, that’s not America so this thing is completely off base, and they need to just start all over. The goal of getting more minority participation is a good one but the way they’ve approached it is fatally flawed.”  

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