SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Petitions have been turned in to the Nebraska Secretary of State to repeal a school choice bill and the signatures in the petition almost doubled what’s required to put the issue in an election.

The Support Our Schools Nebraska organization turned in almost 120,000 signatures to prevent the Opportunity Scholarship Act from becoming law.

The act would send 50 million dollars in tax credits for scholarships to kids across the state of Nebraska.

A sponsor from the Support Our Schools organization told KCAU 9 that she is ‘heartened’ by the support for the petition.

Meanwhile, Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen also released a statement about the petitions being sent to the secretary of state.

“If this initiative makes it onto the 2024 ballot, I can promise you the fight will not be over. I have confidence in education, both public and private. We will never give up on our kids,” Pillen said.