OMAHA, Neb. (KCAU) — If you’re looking for an adventure this summer, Lee G. Simmons Wildlife Safari Park offers a new, yet prehistoric, opportunity.

In honor of Ashland’s Wildlife Safari Park’s 25th anniversary, the park is opening its doors to Jurassic Adventure on May 5. Jurassic Adventure is a new attraction, which according to a release, hosts some of the world’s largest and most life-like robotic dinosaurs.

The exhibit will open daily from 9am to 5pm, beginning May 5 through October 1. Along with a Visitor Center for food and gift necessities.

The attraction features handmade, full-sized animatronics roaming throughout the Wildlife Safari Park. The dinosaurs themselves were sculpted under scientific supervision to maintain accuracy to what the real life creatures may have looked like.

Visitors can follow along a Dino Guide and learn, find, and see these life-like creatures up close. All without worrying about these dinos escaping their enclosure. Jurassic Adventure is included with Wildlife Safari Park admission.

Located in Ashland, Nebraska the Lee G. Simmons Wildlife Safari Park offers the chance to see some of North America’s most notable animals from your vehicle. More information is available here.