Nebraska Regional Poison Center says to keep an eye out for holiday hazards

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OMAHA, Neb. (KCAU) – Officials are reminding the public of possible safety tips for the holidays this year.

The Nebraska Regional Poison Center (NRPC) said many additional items in households can cause poisoning during this time of year. To prevent incidents, here are some of the tips NRPC mentions.

  • Some visitors might bring medications over with them when visiting. The NRPC says data shows children go to emergency departments every year due to access to relative’s medications. To avoid this, keep medication out of sight and reach. Expired medication should be discarded. More information on this can be found on NRPC’s website.
  • To keep disinfectants and cleaners out of reach of young children and pets, avoid storing them on the counter.
  • Disc batteries that are found in toys, games, watches, remotes, and musical cards could be swallowed by children or pets. This can lead to lodging in the throat. Magnets in toys can also be swallowed.
  • Remember to remove alcohol (including holiday drinks with alcohol), perfume, cologne, and hand sanitizers out of sight and reach.
  • Lamp oil is a choking hazard and can cause vomiting for those who consume it.
  • Animals and small children should be kept away from mistletoe, holly berries, yew plants, and poinsettias.
  • Decorations such as tree icicles, tinsel, and garland can be a choking hazard. Snow sprays come in pressurized cans that can cause eye damage if sprayed into the eyes. Glitter can also irritate the eyes and lungs. Snow globes contain water and glitter and sometimes, glycols.

Learn more on the NRPC’s website.

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